Thursday, August 23, 2007

Building a free and safe internet

For almost 60 years, the Council of Europe has been finding solutions and responding to issues that affect now 800 million people and organisations in Europe, by working with and influencing member states’ policies and legal frameworks. These responses are set out in our conventions and other standard-setting documents. Even if many of these texts were developed before the Internet came into existence, many of the provisions of those conventions and documents apply equally to online environments. By drafting treaties and setting standards about the Internet, the Council of Europe seeks to secure peoples’ enjoyment of a maximum of rights and services, subject to a minimum of restrictions, while at the same time seeking to ensure the level of security that users are entitled to expect. The concrete and practical Council of Europe responses to Internet governance issues mentioned later significantly contribute to the development, sustainability, value, robustness and security of the Internet.

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Contributor: john ngahu Published Date: August 19, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Video: Community Technology Delivers Opportunities to Youth

The Children's Partnership is pleased to announce the release of our new video, "Community Technology Delivers Opportunities to Youth", produced in partnership with youth from the Bresee Foundation. This video is an important new tool for civic leaders and policy makers working to increase children's access to and meaningful use of technology. This new video lets the youth and adults featured in it speak for themselves about the difference community technology programs make in their neighborhoods and schools. They share their own perspectives on how technology has helped them improve their health, educational achievement, preparation for the workforce, and civic participation.

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Contributor: Thomas BEKKERS Published Date: August 19, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wikiversity: An "Open University" project based on Wikimedia technology

"Welcome to Wikiversity, "where teachers learn, and learners teach".

Wikiversity: An "Open University" project based on Wikimedia technology. The wikiversity is an ambitious project aiming to build a free online learning community more or less similar to "Open Universities" projects. Practitioners will find a set of Wikibook, Wikiqoute, Wikisource (Free Content Library), Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary and all other accessible Open Content based on wikimedia technolgy. Wikiversity described itself as "a community for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities. Wikiversity is a multidimensional social organization dedicated to learning, teaching, research and service." Its primary goals are to create and host free content, multimedia learning materials, resources, and curricula for all age groups in all languages and to develop collaborative learning projects and communities around these materials. Learners and teachers are invited to join the Wikiversity community as editors of this wiki website where anyone can edit the pages.

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Contributed by Thomas BEKKERS on 14 Aug , 2007