Thursday, March 6, 2008

World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Conference 08 Scholarships

Call for applications: deadline Friday, 14 March

The inaugural World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Conference - WITBC 08 - will be held at The Edge in Auckland, Aotearoa-New Zealand, from March 26-28, 2008. The conference theme is 'reclaiming the future' of our indigenous languages, cultures and identities.

Host broadcaster Maori Television is committed to the development of the industry by supporting New Zealand tertiary students who are studying in broadcasting related fields with a particular emphasis on indigenous culture and language.

Maori Television is pleased to be able to offer five (5) student scholarships to attend WITBC 08. The scholarships cover the conference delegate fee, plus attendance at the two networking functions on Day One and Day Two.

Scholarships will be awarded to five students who can demonstrate a commitment in their studies and in their future aspirations, to the development of indigenous culture and language.

More information and application forms are available at

Applications close Friday March 14, 2008 at 5PM. Applications should be sent to:
Hone Paul, Maori Television, PO Box 113017, Newmarket, Auckland.
Fax: 09 539 7199.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Best Free Software

157 software tools. No fees. No expiration dates. No problems. Sometimes even no downloads. No kidding.

by Eric Griffith and PC Magazine Staff

We did the math: If you bought popular apps instead of trying their gratis counter-parts, at the manufacturers' list prices you'd be out $5,183 and change! Why spend money when you can get what you need for nothing? Sometimes, you do get what you don't pay for.

Hall of Fame

Adobe Reader
Windows MacOS Linux Mobile
This simplest of Adobe's PDF programs lets you do just about anything PDF-related (besides create new ones), including online collaboration. It includes a host of features to aid users with disabilities.

Windows MacOS Linux Web
One of the most widely used pieces of free software ever, AOL Instant Messenger offers a ton of capabilities.
Read our full review of AIM 6.5.

Windows MacOS Linux
Whether you're recording or editing, Audacity is all about audio in practically any format.

Windows MacOS Linux
This PC Mag Editors' Choice Web browser has been on top of the heap since version 1.5 came out in late 2005.
Read our full review of Firefox 2.0.

Windows MacOS Linux
The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) does most of what Photoshop does; the Gimpshop project ( even makes it look like Photoshop.
Read our full review of The GIMP 2.0.

Windows MacOS
When you're attached to the top media player in the land (iPod), success is a given. iTunes continues to build sales and refine its organization of songs, video, games, podcasts, and more.
Read our full review of Apple iTunes 7.6.
Windows MacOS Linux
You can spend a lot for Microsoft Office or nothing for this suite with full-function word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentations, even an equations editor.
Read our full review of 2.3.

Windows MacOS Linux
You'll pay to call regular phones, but if you sign up all your friends, Skype provides easy (and even international) calls and video-conferencing for nothing.
Read our full review of Skype 3.0.

Windows MacOS Linux
Mozilla's no-cost e-mail alternative is extensible, fast, and easy to master. And a wealth of free add-ons means there's not much this program won't do, from calendars to encryption.
Read our full review of Thunderbird 2.

This Linux-based OS comes with many of these Hall of Fame products (Firefox, preinstalled.

After a decade of playing music, the "skinnable" WinAmp has several versions, including one with full CD ripping and burning.

Operating Systems

A virtual operating system (aka Web OS), it uses Asynchronous Java-Script and XML (AJAX) programming to mimic the look and feel of a Windows desktop in Firefox or IE. It stores files (using Gmail) and runs its own applications, plus Web apps like Meebo and Google Maps. If you can launch a Web browser, you can get work done through ajaxWindows.

This Web OS has ultra-simplified applications, including an RSS reader, satellite maps, a word processor, even a browser—yes, for browsing the Web while on the Web.

Freespire 2.0
This community-driven OS is based on Linspire (formerly Lindows)—a Linux distro that looks like Windows, with an emphasis on compatibility with other platforms.

Web Flash
Sleek style sets this Web OS apart, as does the ability (using a separate utility) to sync files, bookmarks, and e-mail from your real OS. Read our full review of Glide Effortless.

Ubuntu-based and powered by Google's apps (just don't call it Google OS), gOS comes with the $200 PCs from Wal-Mart, but you can download it for any PC.


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