Thursday, April 26, 2007

IITF Letter to President Joe Shirley, Navajo Nation

Hon. President Joe Shirley,
Navajo Nation
c/o George Hardeen,
Communications Director
Ofc: 928-871-7917

Cell: 928-309-8532

Dear Hon. President Shirley:

On behalf of the International Indigenous ICT Task Force (IITF), I am writing to thank you thank you for the information that your Communications Director has forwarded concerning your presentation on ICTs in New York. I am sorry that while you were in New York we could not meet to discuss potential follow-up to our partnership formed during the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, Tunisia.

If you recall you and your delegation worked together with the WSIS Indigenous Caucus and members of the International Indigenous Steering Committee present at the Tunis meeting. As per the results of the final report by the WSIS Indigenous Steering Committee we looked forward to supporting each others initiatives whenever possible.

With that in mind, and as I have already indicated to you in the previous communication that I sent to Mr. George Hardeen, indigenous peoples involved in the ICT issue have been keen to receive substantive follow-up on the Navajo Nation’s work in this area not only for your Nation but for other indigenous peoples. For example, we have been waiting to receive information about the ITU office, which is planned to be opened in Window Rock and how we as an indigenous follow-up initiative of the WSIS can be involved.

We would also like to bring your attention to one of the tasks the IITF was entrusted to begin work on, which was an international indigenous portal. We will be presenting the results of our work at the upcoming Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues this May. It is important for the IITF to be aware of how the Navajo Nation can support the call for an international indigenous portal and assist us in the realization of the current International Indigenous Portal Project.

Please inform us if any members of the Navajo Nation will be attending the Permanent Forum as we feel that would be an opportune time to meet and discuss these issues.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Roberto MĂșcaro Borrero
IITF Caribbean Focal Point
C/O UCTP PO BOX 4515 • NEW YORK, NY • 10163
PHONE: 212.604.4186

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